At Loft we know what home means.

Premiere Mortgage Centre: Brokerage License #10317

Home is security and growth.

A place for family and friends. A place to create memories.


It’s a new start, a move up, a move forward. 
It’s an investment in your future, your family's future.

Who we are:


When you partner with us, you become a part of our family, and we dedicate ourselves to designing a mortgage strategy that is perfectly tailored to your unique dreams and goals. 

We are dedicated to building meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients, understanding your unique circumstances, and crafting solutions that reflect your aspirations.  

You and the team are amazing and helped us have our dream of owning our home for the kids and us thank you very much.

- scott

Hi Julie, what an exciting day! I am so thrilled to have worked with you, Amanda, and your team at Loft in making this closing day happen. I will most definitely make sure to refer you to anyone I know who needs mortgage services, as my experience with Loft was wonderful. 

- Cassie

Wow! Thank you so much Julie, Amanda and team!!
You have all been so great. We would be happy to sing your praises to everyone we know. You have all made a very stressful time so much better through words of encouragement, professional advice and often just lending an ear to vent to!

- Kelly and Sebastian

We can’t thank each of you enough for all you help on this journey.
Your team has been amazing along this very challenging journey. Finally we got our end result a new home. 
Thank you so much again we are forever grateful for your help to put our dreams into reality. 

- Cindy, Bilal and Mya